Manufacturer : Commodore
Model name / type : Amiga 2000
Machine type : Commodore/Amiga

CPU type : Motorola MC68000
CPU speed : 7.14MHz
Amount of RAM : 512k Chip ram, expandable to 1M, 512k FAST ram, expandable to 8M (mine is 512k/1M)
BIOS/ROM/NVRAM/Boot type : 512k ROM with KickStart 2.04
Harddisc installed : 2x120Mb, 2x250MB
Disc interface(s) : CatWeasel II IDE/Floppy controller, 3 master IDE controllers (6 discs), 2 floppy controllers, PC/Mac/Amiga compatible floppy drives supported.
Other/additional storage : Internal 3.5" 880k floppy, internal 1.44MB via CatWeasel
Expansion slots : 5 Zorro II slots, CPU-slot, Video-slot, 4 ISA slots accessible via 8086 bridgeboard.
Graphics : 60x32 and 80x32 characters text modes, 320x256, 320x512, 640x256, 640x512 graphics modes, 32, 64 and 4096 colors depending on resolution.
External connectors : Centronics paralell port and RS232, two joystick ports.
Network interface : Buddha ISDN card installed.
Sound : 8bit, 4 channel CustomChip.
Operating system : Amiga WorkBench 2.04 (with a sad size limit of 512Mb for a single disc).
This one actually was released before the A500. A2000's are quite correctly called "big-box amigas"
Added to collection : 2000-02-01
Year of release : 1987