Manufacturer : SUN Microsystems
Model name / type : SparcStation IPC
Machine type : Unix workstation

CPU type : SPARC
CPU speed : 25MHz
Amount of RAM : 72MB
BIOS/ROM/NVRAM/Boot type : OpenBoot Firmware on a 48k 48TO2CZ NVRAM CHIP
Harddisc installed : 1GB internal, 1.2GB external
Disc interface(s) : SCSI-II int/ext
Other/additional storage : 3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive, SUN/Toshiba external CDROM
Expansion slots : 3 SBUS slots
Graphics : CGsix framebuffer
External connectors : Centronics compatible paralell, 2 RS232, SCSI, 13w3 video, sound, network
Network interface : Sun4 AUI Ethernet
Sound : On-board 16bit SUN.
Operating system : Solaris 2.5
Nickname for the IPC/IPX/Classic is "Showbox" due to the original shape. This was my first ever Unix workstation. Original introduction price was around $15k..
Added to collection : 1999-10-01
Year of release : 1992