Manufacturer : Solbourne
Model name / type : S4000DX
Machine type : Unix workstation

CPU type : Panasonic KAP MN10501 SPARC compatible
CPU speed : 40MHz
Amount of RAM : 16MB
BIOS/ROM/NVRAM/Boot type : Solbourne variant of OpenFirmware/OpenBoot
Harddisc installed : 500MB
Disc interface(s) : SCSI II
Other/additional storage : none
Expansion slots : 3x Semi-SBUS (incompatible with SUN SBUS for most cards)
Graphics : cglite (cg20) Solbourne-only framebuffer
External connectors : Paralell, 2xRS232 via female(!) 25pin DSUB, SCSI, 13w3 video, keyboard/mouse, sound, AUI network
Network interface : Onboard AUI Ethernet
Sound : Yes..
Operating system : OS/MP 4.1c from Solbourne is requires. Theese do NOT run SunOS/Solaris, despite being "Sparc-boxes"
The Solbourne IDT series were marketed as SPARC machines, and have a SUN-like construction, but are actually not compatible with SUN hard- or software. KAP by the way, means "kick-ass-processor", the name is confirmed by Panasonic...
Added to collection : 2002-06-01
Year of release : 1993