Manufacturer : Hewlett Packard
Model name / type : Apollo 9000-720
Machine type : Unix workstation

CPU type : PA-RISC HP-PA7100
CPU speed : 50MHz
Amount of RAM : 64MB
BIOS/ROM/NVRAM/Boot type : HP Firmware/ISL/IPL
Harddisc installed : 1GB
Disc interface(s) : FastWide differential SCSI as primary, Single-ended SCSI II for external discs
Other/additional storage : none
Expansion slots : Proprietary HP/Apollo expansion.
Graphics : 8 Bit framebuffer, 19" Fixed-sync monitor
External connectors : HP-HIL keyboard/mouse, Centronics compatible paralell, speaker out, mic in, line in, line out, phones out, AUI ethernet, SE-SCSI, FW-SCSI, 2xRS232, 3 BNC RGB video
Network interface : Intel AUI Ethernet
Sound : On-board
Operating system : HP-UX 10.20
Theese boxes are HEAVY, and very modular. Take a look at the pictures, and you'll understand what I mean..
Added to collection : 2002-06-01
Year of release : 1993