Manufacturer : Apple
Model name / type : Performa 5200
Machine type : Apple/Macintosh

CPU type : PowerPC 603e
CPU speed : 75 MHz
Amount of RAM : 32 MB
Harddisc installed : yes...
Disc interface(s) : 8bit IDE, plus SCSI II
Other/additional storage : Floppy, CDROM
Expansion slots : one LC PDS slot, one comm slot, one TV slot, one video I/O slot
Graphics : housands of colors at 640x480, 256 at 800x600 and 832x624
External connectors : Speakers, ADB keyboard/mouse, DB25 SCSI, Din8 serial ports, network
Network interface : Apple Ethernet/AppleTalk
Sound : 8bit sound.
Operating system : MacOS 7.5.x
This is a "Road apple", meaning an inferior design. A 64bit chip wit 66MHz bus capabillity is used for a 32bit design with 25MHz bus speed. In addition, instead of using SCSI og 16bit DMA-controlled IDE, Apple used 8bit IDE on this one..
Added to collection : 2003-08-16
Year of release : 1995