Manufacturer : Hewlett Packard
Model name / type : Apollo 9000-705
Machine type : Unix workstation

CPU type : PA-RISC HP-PA-7000 with 32/64KB off-chip I/D L1 cache
CPU speed : 35MHz
Amount of RAM : 32MB
BIOS/ROM/NVRAM/Boot type : HP Firmware/ISL/IPL
Harddisc installed : 500MB ?
Disc interface(s) : SCSI-2 narrow single-ended bus
Other/additional storage : none
Expansion slots : none
Graphics : Monochrome framebuffer
External connectors : 50-pin HD SCSI-2 single-ended , (2) DB9 male RS232C serial , DB25 female parallel , 15-pin AUI 10Mbit & 10Base2 BNC Ethernet , HD15 Mono VGA , HP-HIL connector for input devices ,(2) phone jacks (microphone, headphones)
Network interface : Intel AUI Ethernet
Sound : On-board
Operating system : HP-UX 10.20, ought to be 9.x for space/speed..
This is the absolute smaller brother of the Apollo 9000 700 series. The 705, along with 710, is counted as the first low-cost PA-RISC workstation, and falls slightly intor the "plastic" category of 9000's. Slim, and with low noise level, it's still a nice workstation.
Added to collection : 2003-08-16
Year of release : 1993