Manufacturer : DIGITAL
Model name / type : MicroVax II
Machine type : VAXen or Mini

CPU type : KA630, UV2 (200ns), no cache (78032uprocessor)
CPU speed : Vup: 0.9 Tps: 7
Amount of RAM : 1MB on motherboard, can add up 16MB in 2,4,8, or 16MB cards (base 1MB disabled) (parity)
BIOS/ROM/NVRAM/Boot type : VAX...
Harddisc installed : RD50-54, unsure which..
Disc interface(s) : Winchester
Other/additional storage : TK50 Tape drive
Expansion slots : Yes, QBUS :)
Graphics : Console ports..
External connectors : DEQNA, 4+1 console ports, DMV11-RS232, QBus
Network interface : DECNet/EtherNET via AUI (DEQNA)
Sound : none
Operating system : VMS
Most of the spec-fields in my collection-database here, are either meaningless, or difficult (to say it mildly) for a Digital VAX system. For better explanation of theese boxes, take a look at and for better information on uVax2. Mine is rigged in a BA23 enclosure, and this beast is heavy: ~62 kg !!
Added to collection : 2003-08-16
Year of release : 1985