Manufacturer : SUN Microsystems
Model name / type : SparcStation 5
Machine type : Unix workstation

CPU type : microSPARC II
CPU speed : 170 MHz
Amount of RAM : none
BIOS/ROM/NVRAM/Boot type : Openboot firmware on NVRAM
Harddisc installed : none
Disc interface(s) : SCSI2 onboard
Other/additional storage : Sun 411 external CDROM.
Expansion slots : 3xSBUS, 1xAFX (Graphics port)
Graphics : no currenntly installed framebuffer
External connectors : SCSI (50 pin high density connector), serial ports (A / B in DB25 connector Y splitter needed), parallel port (DB25 connector), AUI and TP ethernet (RJ45, DB15 connector)
Network interface : Onboard Ethernet
Sound : onboard
Operating system : none
This box needs completion. I have several SS4's and SS5's now, but I haven't had the time to assemble complete systems yet.
Added to collection : 2003-10-20
Year of release : 1997