Manufacturer : Norsk Data
Model name / type : ND 286/WY2112
Machine type : Generic/unspecified

CPU type : 80268
CPU speed : 12.5MHz
Amount of RAM : 640KB
Harddisc installed : ST225
Disc interface(s) : MFM/RLL
Other/additional storage : 5.25" Floppy
Expansion slots : 7x ISA 16bit, 1xISA 8bit
Graphics : VGA 9pin
External connectors : Paralell DB25, RS232 DB9, VGA DB9, video in/out, subtitle sync, keyboard
Network interface : none
Sound : for subtitling....
Operating system : MSDOS 4
This machine id, except for special cards, identical to the WYSE PC 2112. It is a passive ISA backplane, with the WYSE PC 2112 CPU-card mounted. In addition to a disk controller, my specimen has cards for broadcast-grade subtitling mounted.
Added to collection : 2002-08-16
Year of release : unknown