List of operating systems in my collection

This page lists the OSes I have, sorted by architecture and version number. The second column tells the number of floppies (d) or CD's (cd) the OS takes, or if it is stored as a disk image (img), tape dump (tar), or on tapes. I will in time contact as many of the releasers as possible, and try to get permission to put the "abandonware" versions available for download via an FTP host, for the sake of maintaining the OSes for the furure. This is, after all, new history, and art.

    NOTE: This list is quite out of date..
        I will try to update very soon...

Platform: NON-INTEL's (RISC/xISC)
AmigaDOS 1.3 / Workbench 1.3
AmigaDOS 2.4 / Workbench 2.4
AmigaDOS 3.0 / Workbench 3.0
AmigaOS 3.1
Sun Solaris 1.1.1 SPARC			1cd
Sun Solaris 2.5				xcd
Sun Solaris 2.6				1cd
Sun Solaris 7.0				2cd
Sun Solaris 8.0				4cd
Sun Solaris 9.0				3cd
SGI IRIX 6.5				10cd
PaRISC Linux 0.9.3			1cd
HP-UX 10.20				2cd
AmigaOS 3.1 & 3.5			1cd
TAPE FORMAT (or tar)
AMIX 2.01				tar
AMIX 2.03				tar
VMS 5.3					6tape

Platform: Intel x86/IA32
FLOPPY DISK FORMAT (or disk images)
GNU/HURD				2d
v2-OS					2d
AROS					1d
CP/M ver. 1.1 for MSX			1d
Microsoft DOS 3.2			img
Microsoft DOS 3.3			img
Microsoft DOS 3.3a			img
Microsoft DOS 3.3r			img
Microsoft DOS 4.01			img
Microsoft DOS 5.0			img
Microsoft DOS 6.0			3d
Microsoft DOS 6.2			3d
Microsoft DOS 6.22			3d
IBM PC-DOS 3.3				
IBM PC-DOS 7.0				
Cadera DR-DOS				
FreeDOS					4d
Microsoft OS/2 2.11			14d
Microsoft Windows 1.01			img
Microsoft Windows 1.02			img
Microsoft Windows 1.03			img
Microsoft Windows 1.04			img
Microsoft Windows 1.1			img
Microsoft Windows 2.03			img
Microsoft Windows 286			img
Microsoft Windows 386			img
Microsoft Windows 3.0			img
Microsoft Windows 3.0a			img
Microsoft Windows 3.1			7d
Microsoft Windows 3.11			11d
Microsoft Windows NT 3.1		img
SuSE Linux Infomagic Trial		1cd
SuSE Linux 6.0				5cd
SuSE Linux 6.4				5cd
SuSE Linux 7.0 Live Preview		1cd
RedHat Linux 4.0 (infomagic)		1cd
RedHat Linux 5.0			2cd
RedHat Linux 5.0 (infomagic)		2cd
RedHat Linux 5.1			1cd
RedHat Linux 5.2			1cd
RedHat Linux 6.0 ISO			1cd
RedHat Linux 6.0 Coverdisc		1cd
RedHat Linux 6.2 original		2cd
RedHat Linux 6.2 (x2)			1cd
RedHat Linux 7.0 original		2cd
RedHat Linux 7.0			1cd
RedHat Linux 7.1			1cd
RedHat Linux 7.1.93 (Roswell)		2cd
RedHat Linux 7.2			2cd
RedHat Linux 8.0			5cd
SlackWare Linux 96			2cd
SlackWare Linux 96 (infomagic)		1cd
SlackWare Linux 3.2 (infomagic)		1cd
SlackWare Linux 3.4 original		4cd
SlackWare Linux 4.0			1cd
SlackWare Linux 7.0 (x2)		1cd
TurboLinux 4.0 lite original		1cd
TurboLinux 4.0 TurboCluster Server (org)1cd
TurboLinux Server 6.0 open source ed.	1cd
TurboLinux Workstation 6.0 open source	1cd
Mandrake Linux 6.0			1cd
Mandrake Linux 7.0 GPL original		1cd
Mandrake Linux 8.0 GPL			2cd
Mandrake Linux 9.0 GPL (coverdisc)	2cd
Debian Linux 1.2 (infomagic)		1cd
Debian Linux 2.1r4			2cd
Debian Linux 3.0r1			6cd
Debian Linux 3.0r1 mini			1cd
Corel Linux 1.0				1cd
Corel Linux 1.2				1cd
Caldera OpenLinux 2.4			2cd
Trustix Server 1.01			1cd
Trustix Secure Linux 1.2		1cd
Trustix Secure Linux 1.5 (coverdisc)	1cd
Definite Linux 7.0 (coverdisc)		1cd
Gentus Linux				1cd
Sorcerer Linux (coverdisc)		1cd
Gentoo Linux 1.0-rc6-r17		1cd
Gentoo Linux 1.1			1cd
Gentoo Linux 1.2 r2			1cd
Gentoo Linux 1.4 r1			1cd
JBLinux 2.2				1cd
MaxOS Linux 				1cd
IcePack Linux 1.0			1cd
IcePack Linux 1.1 update		1cd
Stampede Linux 0.90			1cd
ASPLinux 				2cd
Linux From Scratch Base			1cd
SmoothWall 0.9.6 Firewall Linux 	1cd
SmoothWall 0.9.9 Firewall Linux 	1cd
Windows 95 OSR 2.5 NO original
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
Windows NT 4.0 Server
Windows 98 retail copy
Windows 98SE OEM NO
Windows 2000 Professional RC2
Windows 2000 Professional Beta3
Windows 2000 Professional OEM EN
Windows 2000 Professional NO
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows Milennium Edition EN
Windows Milennium Edition NO
Windows XP RC2 (x2)
Windows XP Home Edition NO
Windows XP Professional NO 
Windows XP Professional EN
Windows XP Longhorn
Solaris x86 2.6				1cd
Solaris x86 7.0				1cd
Solaris x86 8.0				1cd
OpenBSD 2.7				1cd
NetBSD 1.4.2				1cd
NetBSD 1.5				3cd
FreeBSD 3.4				2cd
FreeBSD 4.0				3cd
FreeBSD 4.0 mini			1cd
FreeBSD 4.2				1cd
FreeBSD 4.4				4cd
FreeBSD 4.4 mini			1cd
FreeBSD 5.0				3cd
QNX RTP 4.0				1cd
OS/2 WARP 4.0				1cd
Novell NetWare 5.0			1cd
Novell NetWare 5.0 beta 2		4cd
Novell NetWare 5.1 beta			1cd
BeOS 4.5				1cd
BeOS 5.0				1cd